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At Fairdeal.Market, we understand that offline retail is far from obsolete – in fact, it's evolving rapidly. We have built our platform around the core idea of facilitating brands in their quest to expand their reach through traditional retail channels but in a tech-enabled manner.



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Our story

The $1.3 trillion retail industry in India is 95% driven by offline channels. To succeed, every business must go omnichannel. Legacy brands dominate distribution, creating entry barriers. The offline market lacks visibility of product performance and has yet to witness the tech revolution. Our data-driven strategies, extensive network, and dedicated team are at your service to ensure your brand thrives in the brick-and-mortar world.


Our Vision

Revolutionising Commerce: Fairdeal.Market is on a mission to revolutionise the way businesses operate, by seamlessly connecting the online and offline worlds for enhanced growth.

Boosting Offline Business: We’re dedicated to improving how businesses perform in physical stores using technology and our expertise.

Complete Growth Solution: Fairdeal.Market brings online and offline strategies together to help businesses thrive in Today’s changing market.

Our Goal

Empowerment: Your work will empower businesses by enhancing their offline presence and product visibility, giving you a direct hand in their success.

Industry Leadership: Become a part of a team that aspires to lead in offline commerce solutions, setting standards of excellence and pioneering business growth.

Sustainability: you’ll support businesses in achieving sustainable growth for long-term success, making your work not only rewarding but impactful.


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Learn, Grow, Thrive: You’ll be part of a high-growth environment that thrives on discomfort. Your journey here will be a masterclass in agility and innovation.

Dynamic World of Retail: Immerse yourself in the ever-evolving landscape of retail distribution. Every day presents a new opportunity to learn and lead.

Enhance Your Expertise: Our team is dedicated to your growth. Expect mentorship, continuous learning, and the chance to acquire skills that are in high demand.

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