Data-Driven Operations

Utilise data-driven insights to enhance operations, boost efficiency, and make well-informed decisions for your brand's prosperity.

The Next-Gen sales
tech stack

At Fairdeal.Market, we understand the distinctive challenges businesses encounter when expanding into offline markets. Our passion lies in simplifying this journey, offering a friendly and supportive solution to ensure your success.

ETL of large complex data sets

  • Transactional systems (SFA,ERP,etc)
  • Survey data systems (Retail, Audit, Market execution etc

State of art visualization

  • Emerging data visualization libraries
  • Simulators & planners
  • Geospatial Analytics

Data integration layer

  • Data Lakes
  • Middleware systems
  • Large scale data engineering solutions

Data democratization platforms

  • Conversation UI based sales reporting platform
  • Gamification of incentive management
  • Gamified learning and development

Segmentation of Business process

We implement smart process segmentation to streamline operations, ensuring efficient resource allocation and improved results, helping businesses thrive.

Customer data platform (CDP)

Create a unified customer data platform with both transactional & market information systems.

Dynamic target groups

Leverage the cluster to define the target group to planning customer initiatives.

Potential | Performance | Prosperity

Develop multidimensional customer clusters leveraging advances analytics and data science.

Customer Initiatives

Execute initiatives with customers specific performance targets and tracking mechanics.


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